An introduction

So, it’s finally time. I’ve considered myself a writer for a long time – almost as long as I can remember being a learner. I wrote poetry and wrote and edited for newspapers through high school and university, and wrote lots and lots of letters (some of them even published, though that’s another story), and then, life got in the way. I had kids, and something happened to the writer who lives inside me. There just wasn’t time…..

…. and now? Well, now those kids are 10 and 12, and the world is a different place. Now, I have an amazing PLN (personal learning network if that’s a new acronym for you) who make me think and question and look at things in different ways….and I want to share that. Now, there’s the medium of a blog, to help me share my thoughts in writing. So, now, it’s time to write again. To try and let that storyteller, who’s been locked out for a while, back in (she’s kind of been banging on the doors and windows a lot lately).

Credit: flickr user domit via cc

Credit: flickr user domit via cc

What might you find here? Reflections on what’s happening in my classroom, reflections on bigger ideas in the education/technology world, something cool that somebody else shared, a great recipe I came across, and maybe even just some joy at something unexpected. We’ll see…it’s a journey, always. I hope you’ll come along, and maybe share where these sparks take you.

Thanks to @kevinhoneycutt for the name of the blog.  I was lucky enough to meet him at #ECOO13 in October, and he suggested that I was a sparkplug, and the more I thought about it, the more I decided he was right. I like to light things up…to share ideas, and encourage people to play with them, and take them in different directions – like sending out a shower of sparks to start something up. Thanks also to Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax) whose #nerdlution (and reflections on it) was the final push I needed to get this out there!

Hope to see you here soon.



4 thoughts on “An introduction

  1. I’m so happy to be part of any movement that gets friends writing. And I love the name of your blog — Sparkplug. It reminds that energy moves from person to person, from blog to blog, from tweet to tweet, and can give you a jolt of creativity when it is needed the most. I’m looking forward to reading what you write, and I hope you keep sharing out and making connections. Happy writing!
    PS — I waited a day to respond because I wanted your blog to be part of my 50 comments /50 blogs/ 50 days #nerdlution. And here you are.


    • Yay! Thanks so much, Kevin. I’m very happy to assist with your personal #nerdlution. It was actually some of your poetry during and after #teachtheweb that was making the poetry writer in me really push at the barricades. You’ve nicely captured exactly what I mean by sparking conversation.


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